excuse me this is my room


excuse me this is my room

Excuse me this is my room is the story which is recreated new by Karthikeyan from India. But actually, this is a health blog but I think the title of the story many of them are taking as the wrong way. So I actually want to recreate this story better and it is readable by all aged persons and mainly for children. I have written this creative story on my mind. I have confidence this story ranks #1 on google. Thank you for reading this story in advance. Let’s start to excuse me this is my room.

Introduction of the story:

Introduction of the story of excuse me this my room, This is all in one mixed story like mixing vegetables and fruits to make colorful salads. Whatever may be veg or fruits salads, both make healthy for health at the same thing our story also be entertained, comedy or even more thriller. It’s okay I think you all are confused, what did he tell about the story? He is telling like mixing fruit. Ok, this type of introduction is so boring now, So let’s start with the scenario of the story.

My creative excuse me this is my room characters:

Charter PositionCharacter Name
Hero (Lion)ROAR
Heroine (Tiger)LIZA
Comedy ( Monkey)MONK
Villian (Hyena)HYENAR
Hero father (Dad lion)DROAR
Hero’s Mother (Mom lion)MROAR
Hero’s brother (Lionbro)LIBRO
Heroine father TIMON

Excuse me this is my room chapter 1:

Yes, this is your room only but I’m the king of the world. All are shocked, hey the story is started guys take a cup of sweet or else you are dissolved by our sweet story.

In the start scenario, our hero ROAR was finding some flowers for his lover LIZA. But at that time LIZA and her father TIMON entered this room. Let’s start with raising bullets.

SCENARIO 1: ROAR going to meet his friend LIZA and before that, he meets a funny MONK, Let’s see

ROAR: Hello I’m the world’s number one faceless hero, haha. Today I’m going to meet my friend LIZA.

MONK: Hey ROAR baby where are you going without me?

ROAR: Hi! MONK I’m going to meet our friend LIZA.

MONK: Oh! LIZA means our bear friend, I also want to meet her because once upon a time he picked my food while I’m eating.

ROAR: Hey stupid MONK, that’s not a person we are going to see.

MONK: Yes, I found please don’t say anything ROAR, just put bubble cum on your mouth. I found through my brain engine, It’s big and powerful.

ROAR: Ya, it’s powerful…

MONK: Yey shut up, It is an elephant let’s go to eat a banana first and then find our big panda.

ROAR: Hey stupid monkey, that’s not an elephant.

MONK: so what it’s watermelon.

ROAR: Haha, Yes watermelon but not for you and mainly for them.

MONK: What you are saying, I’m a King Kong.

ROAR: That’s a tiger.

Monk: Tiger means a nickname for that cow.

ROAR: I go, you waste my time.

MONK: I also come along with you to meet a beautiful LIZA.

ROAR: yes, he is beautiful but his father gives more gifts while meeting LIZA.

MONK: Jolly, I ask first banana from his father.

ROAR: MM, ya he definitely serves you.

MONK: Let’s go ROAR I will take care of you.

ROAR: Yes definitely you saw a sequence of miracles.

excuse me this is my room chapter 2:

Chapter 2: ROAR and MONK have to meet LILY, But this time his father introduces themself.

ROAR: MONK, Look at the falls is so beautiful

MONK: Yes, But mom says do not go there even in the daytime because it’s a big danger zone.

ROAR: Don’t be afraid, I’m a lion MONK

MONK: Hahaha, yes you are a lion only but you are not the king of the jungle baby.

ROAR: I will go, you will come or not

MONK: Okay okay, I will come for your safety.

ROAR: Let’s go, MONK, follow me

MONK: Did you hear the sound?

ROAR: Yes but that’s your gas trouble.

MONK: Haha, It’s a serious joke.

ROAR: Yes monk the strong roar sound is coming

MONK: Ok, I will climb on the tree and see what’s happening.

ROAR: Hey, MONK don’t leave me alone.

MONK: ROAR you are the king of the jungle, so what?

ROAR: I’m only a king in my area but please me.

MONK: what a tiger, so beautiful

ROAR: What MONK, LILY is coming

MONK: yes, But it looks very very big LILY.

ROAR: What, hey stupid that’s a TIMON, he is LILY’s father run fast from here

MONK: I’m going to climb in a pine tree, Let’s catch up on my shoulder.


TIMON: HEY MONK how brave you are running in front of me, ROOAR

ROAR: Hello uncle, I want to meet my friend LILY

TIMON: Hahaha, this is my room now, but very soon the whole kingdom falls in front of me, including your father,’

ROAR: Uncle, you know about my father

TIMON: Yes, he is my first villain and he is captured and ruled my jungle.

ROAR: Hello uncle, all are equal only so we all are the same family.

TIMON: You are my family, hahaha my LIZA also easily kills you.

LIZA: Hi ROAR, why are you climbing with a monkey in a pine tree.

ROAR: I come to see you, but your father talking with many backlogs I think

TIMON: Yes, backlogs only but it will return back soon baby.

LIZA: Dad, what are you talking about, ROAR is my best friend.

TIMON: Hereafter that’s not possible because I’m going to kill him.

ROAR: Yes, If you have the guts first catch me and then kill.

LIZA: ROAR don’t run! my father is just teasing.

ROAR: I came up with my father to see you, MONK let’s go.

MONK: I cannot run speed, without eating a banana

ROAR: So you ask TIMON, he will give a banana to you.

MONK: Why banana now, I’m 100 percent charged let’s go!

TIMON: Run run run, you and your family no one come near me, Hahaha.

LIZA: Dad, why are you behaving like this?

TIMON: Shut up, that’s not the right age to understand our enemy. But he is a big enemy of our family.

LIZA: Dad, he is a good boy like LIBRO, you often say this name.

TIMON: Hahahaha, thundering LIBROOOOO

Excuse me this is my room chapter 3:

In this third excuse me this is my room chapter, we know about LIBRO and the relationship with TIMON.

Continuation of excuse me this is my room chapter 2:


LIZA: Who is LIBRO and where he is there?

TIMON: LIBRO is your brother LIZA.

LIZA: What is my own brother?

TIMON: No, he is a Lion

LIZA: Lion…

TIMON: Yes, Once upon a time, before your birth that’s the unforgotten day!

LIZA: Tell me the full story about him, daddy


That day was very scary because human technologies are improved suddenly, Their brain is more sensitive than our’s but that is covered. So they planned to extend their city by destroying our jungle. They all are fighting with themself like our’s that is excuse me this is my room! They build so many apartments and flats in our forest areas because they didn’t have a place to stay with limited. So destroyed our areas and converted them into their personal rooms.

LIZA: Why they are doing this?

TIMON: Because, We are not growing by our brain instead of our body only grows, but soon we all are like a Pet dog.

LIZA: Ok dad, you continue the story

TIMON: On that day, the humans are building blocks of rooms in our area, at the time they clear the ground without any grass. So in that place, I saw a LIBRO, a little lion cub. He was sleeping on the ground, but the humans were not doing anything they continue their process.

At the time very short, because I saw LIBRO when he is dying before a min. Also at the time, a sad thing is he doesn’t know he is going to die.

LIZA: What It’s so touching to me

TIMON: Yes, During that time, I can’t think that’s a lion or tiger, but that’s a baby. So I catch up with the baby lion LIBRO and run fast because humans are using big weapons to kill me. But unfortunately, they are unlucky. After that, TIMON will grow little by little with me.

LIZA: Dad, Where are his parents?

TIMON: I’m a dad for him, LILYYYYYYY.

LIZA: Sorry Dad, What happened next?

TIMON: Something you asked before, LIBRO also asked. But I never tell to him because I had already considered him as my son, but later his father found him, DROAR.


TIMON: He is the name of King and ruled our world.

LIZA: DROAR means our king or ROAR’S, father.

TIMON: Only ROAR’s father, I’m the king of this jungle.

Excuse me this is my room chapter 4:

In this excuse me this is my room chapter 4, We see about ROAR’s family.

ROAR: Hey, MONK Just miss, We left out from the tiger

MONK: Yes, It’s an aggressive tiger but he can’t touch my height

ROAR: Ok MONK, Put your eye on one side of the tiger

MONK: That’s chill bro, I will escape fast from him, but you take care lion hahaha

ROAR: Ayeee!

MONK: Escapee, bye ROAR uuuuuuuuuu

ROAR: Byeeee, MONK

DROAR: Hey ROAR, Where are gone?

ROAR: Dad, I went to play with my friend

DROAR: Ok, you play anywhere but don’t visit across the side of the falls lonely.

ROAR: Ahhhh, Ok dad.

DROAR: OK, Come with me

ROAR: Yes dad, I have one question.

DROAR: Yes my son, Whatever you want to ask me?

ROAR: Do you know about TIMON?

DROAR: Hey ROAR, what are you asking me?

ROAR: TIMON dad a tiger.

DROAR: Yes, but how did you know his name?

ROAR: Dad actually I saw a TIMON.

DROAR: ROAR it’s very dangerous, When and where did you see it?

ROAR: Actually dad me and MONK visited across the falls. In that place, we see TIMON and his daughter LIZA,

DROAR: Hey ROAR he is an aggressive tiger and also he considers me as a big enemy. So definitely he waiting to attack me. Instead of me, you are food for him. So don’t go anywhere without me.

ROAR: Why dad, what is the reason for this fight?’

DROAR: Actually, TIMON is a good person but his surrounding is not good.

ROAR: Dad, Please tell me briefly.

DROAR: One upon a time, me and TIMON has good thick friends. We both play like brothers and mainly we didn’t differentiate like lion vs tiger. But that’s a day was heavy rain at night. I and your mom are sleeping and the next morning your brother LIBRO was missing from ours. We didn’t find our LIBRO.

ROAR: Dad, I have a brother.

DROAR: Yes my boy, but now where he is I don’t know. On that day, humans are building so many rooms by destroying our jungle. They used big weapons to attack our group. In this, our total area of animals was damaged and more of them died without food and water because they are cutting trees and killing animals, so we were unable to fight with them. All of them are fighting to excuse me this is my room. So they are making a currency for the world.

ROAR: What is currency dad?

DROAR: That is differentiate one human from others, it shows a human value. so they can make all of the rooms are certain values and even foods. Also, they buy and sell their own place by developing another place. so our kingdom has more damaged. At that time, your mother died of a heart attack, the reason is polluted air will affect.

ROAR: Oh I feel so sad dad, Pollution means dad.

DROAR: Humans are want to travel from one place to another place faster, so they found a vehicle that’s run by natural coal. Its air spoils our lungs, so humans please mostly avoid pollution. Instead, use mostly non-pollution vehicles. But it’s not possible for them.

ROAR: Yes please use cycle more than other vehicles at least. Dad, Why TIMON will be aggressive with you?

DROAR: That’s one small misunderstanding…

Excuse me this my room chapter 5:

In this part, we can see the misunderstanding between DROAR AND TIMON

Continue of excuse me this is my room chapter 4:

ROAR: Dad, Tell me how to cause this misunderstanding?

DROAR: On that day one side humans are building their rooms and on the other side many hyenae are confused TIMON and they all fakely supported TIMON to rule our kingdom.

ROAR: What hyenas?

DROAR: Don’t shock always baby, Just listen…

ROAR: Ok dad overexpression, I adjust it hereafter.

DROAR: One side of our kingdom will falls day by day and the other side TIMON asked me he want to rule our kingdom. I tell you what happened in the scenario.

TIMON: Hey DROAR our kingdom condition is so critical in the future, so this situation is cannot handle by you.

DROAR: TIMON what happened today, already I’m sad about missing my son.

TIMON: Nothing happened to your son, don’t be anxious.

DROAR: Are you seen my seen?

TIMON: No, but I pray for god and I think he is definitely well.

DROAR: mmmmm, my son LIBROOOO

TIMON: Don’t sad DROAR, already you are sad so how you rule this kingdom correctly.

DROAR: My son or your daughter all is our kingdoms. So I will never ever hands down our kingdom. So don’t feel about it.

TIMON: Why I’m not a king, what problem with me and moreover I’m stronger than you…

DROAR: I did not say you are not eligible for the king position but your belief friend hyenas are destroyed our forest. So I don’t allow that to happen.

TIMON: DROAR, I will not ask permission from you because you only said whatever from you that is also for me. So what?

DROAR: Yes, I said but now that’s not the right time. We both help our kingdom to resolve again.

TIMON: So you always king until you die. I become your assistant my whole life.

DROAR: Hey TIMON, we are best friends, whey you hurt me.

TIMON: Nooooo, hereafter I’m not your friend. I never want to see your face. I ruled my own part with hyenas and this kingdom will destroy soon without me or I will destroy. Without me where is kingdom DROAR?

DROAR: TIMON you speak anything about me, but you never talk about our kingdom. I think you are not fine today, so go and take a rest.

TIMON: Mmmm, I will go now but after you feel about the kingdom.

DROAR: That does not happen whenever until I die.

TIMON: I also easily kill you now, but I don’t want to do it now. After I become a king, I order hyenas to kill you DROAR…

DROAR: If you have guts, do that please go TIMON don’t make angry me. I already lost my son and I think don’t want to lose my friend… Go from here.

TIMON: Yes don’t think I’m a cat, Goodbye…

Excuse me this is my room chapter 6

In this chapter you see HYENAR, he is the leader of the hyena group.

This chapter is the continuation of excuse me this is room 5:

TIMON: DROAR I will beat you one day

DROAR: I don’t want to waste my time, goodbye.

HYENAR: Hey TIMON what happens?

TIMON: Nothing, I believe more in DROAR, but treat me like a cat. He doesn’t know I’m a powerful tiger.

HYENAR: Heeeee!

TIMON: Why are you laughing HYENAR?

HYENAR: He is a king TIMON, also he is lion mind it.

TIMON: So what?

HYENAR: Don’t think DROAR is like a cub, he is not only a single person he has covered the whole kingdom.

TIMON: I know but how I defeat him.

HYENAR: Wait TIMON our group is there. we are powerful hyenas. so we support you.

TIMON: Hey baby, which hyenas group that’s yours?

HYENAR: TIMON doesn’t underestimate hyenas, when you may be killing single hyenas but not more than that. so join our team and you become the leader of our team. We both easily defeat TIMON.

TIMON: Definitely HYYENAR I will defeat you.


DROAR: Hi TIMON, yesterday I speak anything wrong I’m sorry. Let’s come we help others.

TIMON: What happened DROAR?

DROAR: Many hyenas are grouped and killing our other kingdom animals. Don’t have time to speak now that we both are mingling and entering into the action.

TIMON: Hahahahaha

DROAR: Why are you laughing TIMON? Don’t play now. Let’s go.

TIMON: Go and die…

DROAR: What do you say?

TIMON: I think your ear is out. Ok I say again “Gooo and Dieeeeee”

DROAR: why you are speaking like that?

TIMON: Now I’m a King of Hyenas and he has done what I’m saying.

DROAR: Hey TIMON What happened to you? you already know our forest situation is dangerous and most of our area are built rooms by humans. So you are also doing this problem.

TIMON: I don’t care about the forest because the forest is yours and you are the king. hahaha.

DROAR: Don’t do that, please stop TIMON or else.

TIMON: Else hahahahaa what you do king?

DROAR: I will see you soon.

TIMON: Go run and run from here.

Excuse me this is my room chapter 7

In this chapter, we see about DROAR and his kingdom were defeated by hyenas or not.

HYENAR: Yes kill all the animals in the kingdom because we show our power to rule this kingdom.

DROAR: Excuse me, are you able to fight with me?

HYENAR: DROAR, Kill him now.

DROAR: Monk let’s bring our team.

HYENAR: Which meat buffalo or deer? hahaha.

DROAR: Meat hahaha, Let’s meet our team.

DROAR: INTRODUCES Huge lions, Elephants, Rhinos, and Panthers.

HYENAR: Yey, It’s ok ok, we will go out soon!

DROAR: What happened HYENAR without eating where you go?

HYENAR: DROAR we won’t do anything for your kingdom.

DROAR: Why HYENAR but we are more hungry you know?

HYENAR: Sorry hereafter we never ever do anything on your kingdom.

DROAR: Hey HYENAR It’s your last chance, Do you mind if you are also in our kingdom. If you do anything wrong your life will end soon. Got it.

HYENAR: Got it but these things are said to do by TIMON.

DROAR: Don’t provoke him or else your group will disappear soon.

TIMON: Hey DROAR why are you talking with baby, If you have the guts touch me?

DROAR: TIMON don’t listen to HYENAR words and he is provoking you because their team was a weak and crucial one.

TIMON: Hey HYENARS go and kill them. Why are waiting still stupid’s?

HYENAR: Hello TIMON see the group around the DROAR, If we fight means we will die within an hour. So we defeat them later. Come with me.

DROAR: Samething TIMON If you are in the kingdom, so don’t do any stupid things. We all are equal mind it. Let’s go our team disperses.

TIMON: Now maybe you won but soon I will be back. see you soon DROAR.

DROAR: Ok, you destroyed our good friendship. I’m feeling sad for you. Whenever you want to come that’s your choice. This path always welcomes you. Bye.

TIMON: Goodbye!

ROAR: Dad why HYENARS are you like to destroy our kingdom?

DROAR: Because they don’t mingle with other teams always attack by groups and they all are loaded with arrogance.

ROAR: Dad where is my brother LIBRO?

DROAR: I don’t know where he is? since I’m searching since that day, till now I didn’t find him.

ROAR: Don’t worry dad, I will definitely find him soon.

DROAR: ROAR without my knowledge you don’t do anything because I never want to miss my other son.

ROAR: Dad please don’t feel sad about me, you know I’m a big lion.

DROAR: Even If you are bigger than me you are not experienced. Since you are my baby.

ROAR: Dad, I hug you.

DROAR: Hey ROAR comes up with me.

Excuse me this is my room chapter 8:

In this chapter, we see about LIBRO and where he is now? do you guess it before scrolling?

TIMON: Hello HYENAR many years have gone by and but we are grouped in the same area and it’s like we all are locked in a jail room.

HYENAR: That’s you are a stupid tiger, If you want to be a king you will be fighting for that? But we don’t want any king or queen only food we want.

TIMON: What you are saying old HYENAR have you forgotten everything at your age. Come with your group we fight against again this time whole tiger plus hyenas combination will definitely destroy their teams.

HYENAR: Do you know what’s your age? old tiger. You are very older than me. If we begin war we will die like an injured buffalo. Just go and kill any animals for we survive.

TIMON: Hey HYENAR I’m a king of your team, mind your words.

HYENAR: If you are king means what I’m your assistant? fool tiger.

TIMON: HYENAR don’t play with me or else you never see me again.

HYENAR: Hahahaha. Your tiger group will not more now, according to human calculation mostly 95% above of your species are destroyed. so know only has remaining small baby like a pet dog and circus animals. I think your group is the last one.

TIMON: I believe you more than my best friend Timon but you cheat me. Wait and see my power.

HYENAR: Cool buddy, I’m not single and I want to introduce my son.

TIMON: Who is he? you both will die now.

HYENAR: LIBRO Let’s come here.

TIMON: LIBRO where he is?


TIMON: Hey my son you look like same as DROAR.

LIBRO: Hahahaha, Who is your son as a tiger you are my dad?

TIMON: No, but you know I will rescue from humans and says hereafter you are my son. On that day you also accept it and suddenly I missed you. HYENAR says DROAR will grow up. How is DROAR?

LIBRO: Who is DROAR? My father is HYENAR, He only gives food to me and protects others.

TIMON: LIBRO do you know you are a lion. That’s small hyenas don’t hear hyenas speech. I believed him more but now I know his real face. LIBRO come with me, I will show you your father.

LIBRO: Hey old tiger, you challenge my father. I kill you in a fraction of seconds. Don’t underestimate me.

TIMON: That fraud HYENAR is not a real father. He is a fake baby and he is acting like your father because of their food. Believe me, I will show you your father.

LIBRO: I stayed once go you will move from here or else I kill you.

TIMON: Yes, you kill me but you don’t believe that hyenas gang, he is more dangerous. One day you will feel like me. At that time all are gone you become old like me. Please come with me LIBRO.

LIBRO: Dad, what do I do? I kill him know.

HYENAR: TIMON kindly move from here, don’t talk like this, He may be our enemy but he is elder so give respect to him.

TIMON: HYENNAR you will die now! hrrrrrrrrr.

LIBRO: Hey old, see my father says give respect so only I hold you or else, dad what can I do?

HYENAR: Just go from her. Just see that tiger’s face, he is so afraid.

LIBRO: Hahaha, old never bold.

HYENAR: Let’s come LIBRO he is a comedy piece.

LIBRO: Hahahahaha, come dad we hunt more animals.


TIMON: I’m the worst tiger in the world, I lost everything by believing blind with eyes. I’m stupid. How I face my friend DROAR hereafter. I think he picked LIBRO from me.

Excuse me this is my room chapter 9

In this excuse me this is my room chapter 9 we see about how TIMON meets DROAR many years ago.

TIMON: I don’t know how to see my friend.

LIZA: Dad I’m upset with you, where have you gone for now?

TIMON: I’m a stupid tiger and I can’t recognize what is correct or not.

LIZA: Dad what happened to you? any problem?

TIMON: Yes, I have a done a big problem in my life, Now I understand whatever difficulties we faced in life that’s the main reason is ours’s because we one initial for the problem creation. They don’t come automatically.

LIZA: What happened, dad? tell me.

TIMON: Actually I think wrong about DROAR, but he is great. I’m not able to see his face again.

LIZA: Dad I understand all of these from begin.

TIMON: How do you know?

LIZA: Dad, When you talk with HYENAR I hear everything and also saw my brother.

TIMON: LIZA what I do know as an old tiger.

LIZA: Don’t worry dad, I will take care of everything, Let’s come with me.

TIMON: I don’t know what I do?

LIZA: Dad you don’t do anything, Just leave free and take care of your health.

TIMON: What do you do LIZA, don’t meet DROAR because he may be angry with me. It causes you danger.

LIZA: Dad, I don’t meet DROAR, I will clear the problem soon.

TIMON: Ok, LIZA take the BP tablet because I got more tension in 2022.

LIZA: Dad, be cool and All is well. I’m here for you.

TIMON: LIZA is careful always because we are stuck into this hyenas well.

LIZA: Dad we are tigers, If I’m hungry I will show my face on them.



ROAR: LIZA don’t talk with me

LIZA: I understand are you angry with me or my father?

ROAR: Ahhh, your father.

LIZA: Ok I say sorry for that, please talk with me. I want to say something important to you.

ROAR: What I love you.

LIZA: Hey I don’t say that, it’s okay I give you a task to complete.

ROAR: If I complete what I will get?

LIZA: Get marry me.

ROAR: LIZA is this true? I’m a lion or parrot but I’m flying like a sparrow.

LIZA: Don’t over happy, but you want to finish my task.

ROAR: What task just tells me, because I’m ready to do anything in a fraction of seconds.

LIZA: Oh, tell my father’s name in a fraction of seconds.

ROAR: Why father, I will do slowly any task.

LIZA: Hey ROAR don’t afraid I just play with you, but now what I’m going to tell is a very serious matter?

ROAR: What’s the matter?

LIZA: Actually, my dad and your dad is the best friend.

ROAR: Yes, due to your misunderstanding he combined with HYENAR, that’s what you going to say?

LIZA: Yes, but how do you know it?

ROAR: My dad also says about TIMON and he loves TIMON uncle till now.

LIZA: So one problem is solved.

ROAR: What problem?

LIZA: My dad what to ask sorry to your dad, he feels he done a big mistake in their life. So he wants to apologize for this reason.

ROAR: Hey, that’s cool and it’s made easy to solve the problem because my dad is a good one. He doesn’t hurt anyone in his life. So far today he is very excited because I tell the information to my dad. We collab soon with our dads.

LIZA: Yes, I like your dad, but don’t tell today because another problem is big

ROAR: What’s that problem, tell me?

LIZA: That was your brother LIBRO is joined with HYENAR.

ROAR: What LIBRO my brother is there? where is my brother?

LIZA: Hey be cool, please understand now LIBRO is there but he is fully mind washed from HYENAR.

ROAR: What are you saying? your dad and HYENAR will both be partners. What did you see me? I know all the matters from my father.

Excuse me this is my room part 10:

This is the final chapter of excuse my room this is my room:

In this chapter how LIZA and ROAR clear the struggles and problems with HYENAR.

LIZA: Yes, Once upon a time my dad and HYENAR both were partners but now he cheated on my father. Actually, their main motive is to kill animals and eat from the jungle. So they used my father as a weapon. Unfortunately, my father is joined with HYENAR by his mind wash. So please, we both make solving the problem now and bring our brother LIBRO with us.

ROAR: Hey LIZA don’t worry, I will take care of all of these matters.

LIZA: I also support you. Let’s start our plan.

ROAR: First, we take a class to LIBRO by reviling HYENAR original face.

LIZA: Yes, that’s correct. So what’s the plan ROAR.

ROAR: Wait, I’m also thinking about how it makes it possible.

LIZA: OK, I got an idea!

ROAR: What’s that I’m waiting for that only.

LIZA: ROAR you are simply a waste.

ROAR: Sorry, It’s okay anyone can tell a plan but implementation only as me.

LIZA: Ok listen to me, you have lion friends.

ROAR: No, but I have MONK with me.

LIZA: Who that’s a monkey, hey ROAR you don’t do anything.

ROAR: Hello you don’t know about MONK, he is powerful like a lion.

LIZA: I think you also started eating bananas.

ROAR: Hey LIZA, don’t over tease me. sometimes bananas are also good for saving someone.

LIZA: Ok, I have many tiger friends. I will take care.

ROAR: Why tigers, I’m here as a king.

LIZA: See our plan is we make a group of tigers and lions. So we both are attacking Hyenas group and TIMON. So we catch up TIMON and make a roleplay like “We are going to eat you HYENAS or else we eat these LIBRO because this is our king’s order. So definitely HYENAR and his group leave LIBRO. So LIBRO will see the real face of HYENAR groups. How is it?

ROAR: Hey super ya, I didn’t expect this type of knowledge from you. It’s equal to me.

LIZA: Yes, you have also great knowledge with no brain.

ROAR: Hahaha, Just joke with you. It’s a great plan. We implement these on today’s night.

LIZA: Yes, today’s night at 12’o clock you bring a group of lions and I also bring a group of tigers. So we both round up TIMON.

ROAR: Let’s right, We make an action sequence on today’s night.

LIZA: Hello, are you confirmed with your partners?

ROAR: Yes, definitely they are waiting about a long time.

LIZA: So ok, that’s all I’m happier today.

ROAR: Then when we marriage?

LIZA: Hello first do your work?

ROAR: Ok I love you in action.

LIZA: I’m also waiting for your action.

Final part of excuse me room this is my room

Sorry, I extended the final part because so long it’s boring sometimes. In that final part, you all are thinking the title is not related to the story. I will relate it to this. Let’s go.

Finally, this is the last part of excuse me this is my room:

Midnight of 12’o clock the scene is on:

LIZA: Hey ROAR are you ready with your friends.

ROAR: I’m ready with my friend, hey MONK come here.

MONK: No, I’m a chicken cheese butter for these tigers.

ROAR: Hahahaha, come here no one does anything on you.

LIZA: Hello ROAR what’s happening? where are the big lions?

ROAR: That’s in front of you.

LIZA: Nope! I already think you do like this stupid matter. Now our total plan will be collapsed.

ROAR: It’s okay. Where are your tigers?

LIZA: They all are hiding because they think you are the king of the jungle but I only know you as a part of my uncle.

ROAR: Oh, Let’s see our plan now. MONK

MONK: Yes, bro any problem.

ROAR: Go and stand in front of LIBRO and HYENAR. They both are hunting at this time only. So go with confidence, I’m behind you.

LIZA: Hey stupid ROAR, that’s a monkey even it’s enough a minute to kill this.

ROAR: Don’t worry LIZA, we are there for MONK.

MONK: In my experience, my life is full of bananas, he brings me here to give a bunch of bananas but you make me banana for them.

ROAR: Please MONK, don’t worry I will take care of you. First, you don’t be afraid in front of LIBRO because he didn’t know he is a lion. But you know a gorilla. So what?

MONK: Yes, I’m a gorilla, but hey yes I’m a gorilla only. I will enter an action.

ROAR: Let’s start, both are coming.

MONK: Hrrrrrr, hi LIBRO, I’m a Godzilla, oh sorry I’m a gorilla.

LIBRO: Hahaha, hey monkey you are nicely traped with me.

HYENAR: Get lock this monkey, kill it immediately.

LIBRO: But he is not normal, it looks like a big monkey.

HYENAR: Hey, stupid you are a tiger. that’s a monkey. kill it.


MONK: Hey I’m a king kong, I’m going to eat now both. If I were a monkey, I will run when seeing you or climb a tree.

LIBRO: Hello dad, I think we get trapped with him.

HYENAR: Hey stupid LIBRO, you don’t have a sense, If you kill the monkey or I kill now.

ROAR: Yes boss, please kill MONK he often disturbs me.

HYENAR: Hey ROAR please don’t do anything? hahaha LIBRO kill the ROAR.

LIZA: First, kill me and then kill him.

HYENAR: LIZA are you there? go and sleep with your dad.

ROAR: Yes, LIZA you go and sleep but your friends are very hungry.

LIZA: Why do you also tell me so hungry now?

So ROAR and LIZA with 4 tigers are rounding TIMON and HYENAR:

ROAR: Hey HYENAR, soon kill the MONK, he is very tasty.

MONK: I’m a king kong but I want a banana HYENAR, Let’s go and take fast.

HYENAR: Ok, king kong I will go and pick a banana for you.

LIBRO: Hey dad, I already said that is king kong. Now stand with me don’t go anywhere.

ROAR: Hello guys, what you are speaking about, ok LIZA let we start to kill him first.

HYENAR: No please don’t kill me, I want to live.

ROAR: So we kill LIBRO instead of you.

HYENAR: I don’t know, maybe you can kill them because both are lions, so he is able to stand in front of him.

LIBRO: Hey dad, what you are saying? there are not only lions and tigers but also see that gorilla, he smashes me in a second.

HYENAR: What do I tell you to know, LIBRO that is an old monkey please kindly see this monkey’s face.

MONK: Hey HYENAR and LIBRO you see my one face but I have many faces, If you see my other face you will? I don’t want to show that.

TIMON: See HYENAR dad, he has other faces, so I don’t want to see that face.

ROAR: It’s ok, I finally give a one chance to you, we are more hungry so in these two instead of the one we want. Finally, this is our last choice? this choice is given to you.

TIMON: I don’t leave my dad, we both stand here only, what you can do?

ROAR: What HYENAR both are ready to fight with us.

HYENAR: No, please. I relieve from this fight. Don’t do anything to me.

ROAR: Oh, so we kill TIMON, it’s ok for you HYENAR or you want to die.

HYENAR: Don’t kill me

ROAR: So we kill TIMON

HYENAR: Yes, you can kill, I don’t care but leave me, please.

LIBRO: Dad, what are you saying? don’t be afraid, my death is ok for you?

HYENAR: I don’t care about anyone, who is your dad, I’m your dad stupid.

LIBRO: You are my dad, for you only till now I’m standing here, I know how to escape from this problem.

HYENAR: Please do that LIBRO, so I will go now.

LIBRO: No dad can talk like this.

ROAR: Yes, because he is not your dad.

LIBRO: Hey what are you lying about him?

ROAR: Hrrrrr, HYENAR tell him who is their father? or else your bones will be smashed.

HYENAR: Don’t angry ROAR, I tell everything now? Actually, your father is the king of “DROAR”.

LIBRO: What are you saying, dad? tell me Hyenar it’s real.

HYENAR: Yes, It’s real because we only use you for finding and killing prey.

LIBRO: So you are cheating me?

HYENAR: No, we want to stay alive with good foods, so we want to find prey, for finding prey we require a lion-like you. So only I pick you from TIMON who saves from humans.

LIBRO: What you said before TIMON is trying to kill me? So all are fake?

HYENAR: sorry LIBRO, yes I accept all fake but I also have some kind on you.

LIBRO: Don’t act please stop and kindly hereafter I never want to see your face. Go anywhere from here.

ROAR: What HYENAR shall we start our food?

HYENAR: I’m extremely sorry, I have to live for care my children so don’t kill me.

LIBRO: When we kill someone feels the same. I feel very guilty. I don’t want to live.

ROAR: Hey LIBRO doesn’t worry my brother.

LIBRO: What, you are my brother so our father is “DROAR”.

ROAR: You are very sharp now, yes brother.

LIBRO and ROAR hugged each other:

LIZA: See MONK how they are pretty?

MONK: You are seeing “LIBRO” or your husband “ROAR”.

LIZA: Hey MONK I kill you now.

MONK: I’m escaping, I will come on your marriage.

So finally all of them joined, oh no, we make join “DROAR and TIMON”

DROAR: Hey ROAR please come inside the cave, see the cloud become dark so rain is coming soon. Hey ROAR were have you gone?

LIBRO: Dad, I’m inside the cave.

DROAR: Good wait, I’m coming with food.

LIBRO: Yes dad, hereafter I never miss you in my life.

DROAR: Hello ROAR, I bring a bunch of fruits for you. Take it.


DROAR: Hrrrr, you are not a ROAR, who are you?

LIBRO: Your son dad.

DROAR: Don’t speak lying, you know I’m a king of the jungle, so say the truth you not a roar.

LIBRO: Yes, I’m not a ROAR but a long years ago you missed me in the rain.


LIBRO: Yes dad, I’m LIBRO.

ROAR: Dad, that’s my brother LIBRO.

DROAR is crying loud while seeing LIBRO and ROAR and he dances in the rain and imagines his wife saying” I got my son”.

ROAR: Someone is standing behind you?

DROAR: Who is there? TIMON.

TIMON: I’m very sorry DROAR, please kill with your hands because I didn’t believe our friendship.

DROAR: Don’t say that, you know I’m ready to wait for you until I die.

TIMON: Sorry DROAR, hereafter I never left you anywhere.

ROAR and LIZA are explaining all the matter that happens to the DROAR:

DROAR: It’s ok when you married LIZA.

ROAR: Dad, how do you know?

DROAR: I know everything because I’m your dad.

LIZA: It’s ok what is the story name?

ROAR: I explain this LIZA, our story name is excuse me this my room, Why we put the name for this story means humans are building blocks of rooms like home and office by destroying our forest. So whomever by reading this story please don’t destroy many lands by building rooms, at least that rooms size gap you make a beautiful garden. After reading the story, don’t fight for lands like this is my room, Earth is commonplace to live for all living things so share your room as a garden. If you did this your tree will give you more vitamins rich fruits and vegetables. So you don’t want to buy from the shop. Finally, at least save your money by planting trees in the future. That gives a big thing for our future and I believed all are understood.

So now I closing this room because “excuse me this is my room”.

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