male weight gain stories


Male weight gain stories

Yes, In this blog we see about 11 male weight gain stories and how they weight gain and what types of diet they follow for gaining weight. It is an interesting blog to see the complete data about male weight gain stories. Stay tuned now! First, we know about what causes weight gain and how we lose weight fastly. So If you have gained some pounds during the lockdown days, reading this post which is helpful to give motivation for losing weight and also know our personal secrets for weight loss. Let’s see know

What causes weight gain?

Weight gain is caused due to unbalanced poor diet and not doing any exercise or workouts regularly. That wise our body consuming fat is stored by poor diet like eating junk foods often and we don’t do anything like walking after eating because due to our busy online work we are sleepy, so we highly concentrate our official work than our health. By doing these things continuously we gained more fat by eating and we didn’t burn out the fat by doing small exercises. Finally, it causes weight gain.

At the same time, if you want to gain weight, you didn’t eat poor junk foods or you are not being lazy to do exercise. So if you want to gain weight eat a healthy diet like more protein with fewer carbohydrates because it increases your muscle mass rather than gaining overweight. so if you want to gain weight follow these steps or read below we tell you the secret diet foods and exercise for increased muscle mass that leads to weight gain.

Otherwise at the same time, if you want to lose weight, you also didn’t eat any junk foods or more carbohydrates because that is more important than weight gain persons. If you eat foods like junk foods it knows as a poor diet, so eating these types of food didn’t make you lose weight rather than gain weight. so If you may ask what kind of food we eat for weight loss, the solution we tell about the best diet foods that lead to losing weight.

On the other hand, I forget to tell about exercise and workout plans of weight loss persons because workout daily must to reduce or cuts daily fats, by doing small exercise regularly or daily we gradually easily achieve our weight loss. So In this blog, we see about 30 different male weight loss stories and what causes their weight loss, let us see about that now.

11 male weight gain stories:

Now we list the names of the male who lost weight for their profession or personal care.

  • Big show
  • Kane
  • Scott hall
  • Triple H
  • Golddust
  • Bubba ray dudley
  • Sting
  • Matt hardly
  • Chris jericho
  • Jake
  • Edge

1 st male weight gain story (Big show):

male weight gain stories
male weight gain stories

The big show is the topmost WWE wrestler in the WWE champion industries and lets we selected he is the no 1 male weight gained person who had several pounds due to his profession and also he became fit for some challenges with his colleague wrestler. Let’s see complete details about him and how he gained weight.

1 st male weight gain storyBig show
NameBig show
Age50 years
ProfessionTop champion WWE Wrestler
Height7 feet tall
Weight174 kg
Weight gained230 kg
World Awardsseven times world championship
Participated wrestlingWWE/WWF,WCW,ECW
He lost weight nowYes
Six-packs or single packSix pack
male weight gain stories

The big show is the top wrestler and his height is 7 feet tall giant and weight is 174kg before but due to his professional wrestling he gained his weight as 230 kg and he didn’t gain his weight as more fat but he gained his weight through high protein foods like chicken meat and some protein shakes. By taking these diets regularly with powerful exercise in the gym. So he gained a lot of weight by building muscles not fat.

After that, by being overweight his muscle is converted into fat by eating more unbalanced food, so he gained weight more and more but it makes him more powerful than the opponent. On the other hand, he become more tired on the wrestling stage, At that time he fight with the most famous wrestler John Cena. He also got many awards like a big show. In the wrestling match, both big show and john Cena has participated.

In that match John Cena is the winner, On that time John Cena gives a big challenge to a big show. John Cena asked means “If you gain six-packs like me” then big show replied why not ” You will see my change soon”. So he accepted the challenge and according to the challenge he go to the gym by doing a perfect diet and exercise. Finally, he had a six-pack body. John Cena is a good friend I think, what you think comment me.

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So he is our first pick male weight loss story.

2 male weight gain stories(Kane):

male weight gain stories
male weight gain stories

Kane is one of the topmost wrestlers in the WWE wrestling industry and Let us select him as the no 2 weight gain person who had some several pounds due to his profession and later he is become fit by reducing his fat body. Let’s see complete details about him and how he is gaining weight. Let’s go

2nd male weight gain storyKane
Age54 years
ProfessionTop champion WWE Wrestler
Height2.13 meter
Weight147 kg
Weight gained180 kg
World awardsThree times world championship
Participated wrestlingWWE/WWF,WCW,ECW
He lost weight nowYes
Six-packs or Single packsSix-packs
male weight gain stories

Kane is one of the top wrestlers and he is 6’8 feet tall his before weight is 147 kg due to his profession he gained weight but he gained weight by increasing arm and biceps muscles, not by fat. Kane is a big wrestler and he easily won small & even some world matches because he looks so tall and he looks powerful like a giant. When compared to the big show, Kane is a little short in size.

But Kane is stronger and has great muscles abs than a big show. His energy level is awesome. So he targeted many giants like a big show, undertaker, and great kali. Because of that, he gained his muscle power he thinks it’s easy to beat other WWE giant wrestlers. Finally, he increased muscle mass by eating high protein content diet and also following his regular exercise at the gym. Then he becomes a monster.

After he gained his weight, he won many wrestling matches, and also he won world championship awards 3 times. So if you want to gain weight just increase muscle mass like Kane. Don’t feel I’m underweight or I’m overweight because both the people have followed the same thing take increasing protein with good exercise. Finally, Kane has a perfect body and losing some fat, and gaining protein as now he is 147 kg. Tell in the comment you like this male weight gain story.

So he is our second choice male weight loss story.

3rd male weight gain story (Scott hall):

male weight gain stories
male weight gain stories

Scott hall is one of the oldest top most wrestlers in the WWC wrestling industry and Let’s select him as a no 3 weight gain person he gained a several weight due to his poor diet but late 90’s he has his body fit with great muscles and biceps. Let’s see complete details about him and his weight gain process.

3rd male weight gain storyScott hall
Name Scott hall
Age 63 years
ProfessionRetired WWC and WWF wrestler
Height2.01 meter
Weight287 pounds
Weight gained300 pounds
World awardsWWC two times world champion
Participated wrestlingWWC and WWE
He lost weight nowYes
Six-packs or single packsSix-packs
male weight gain stories

Scott Hall has is one of the topmost wrestlers in WWC in the period of 1990. At this period he was also named Razor Ramon and but now he is 63 years retired from WWCWWE. He also participated in WWE in his early 20s and then he got two-time world championship awards. He also looks like a big giant in the early period because his height is 6’8 feet tall and his weight is 287 pounds. But he gained some fat due to his age.

According to his age, he got some fat on his body because of an unbalanced diet. So his weight increased to 300 pounds. At early he didn’t take care about that but sometimes he thinks about how we are in the early ’80s. So after increasing weight, he decided to lose weight for several pounds. He likes to convert his fat into muscle. But it is not easy to lose weight because of his age. But he has great energy at this age.

So he lost weight and gained more muscle mass. Then he looks fitter and stronger as a young wrestler. He has taken high protein-rich foods with burned several calories by exercise. So In these male weight loss stories, by comparing to others Scott hall losing his weight at this age is unbelievable. So age is not a matter to achieve anything in life, it’s just a number. Finally, we want to lose weight mainly following a diet because more eating means we get more calories and we low eaten like protein-rich foods means we got muscle mass easily by filling our hunger.

Scott Hall is still shredding is weight or not, please comment us.

4 th male weight gain story (Triple H):

male weight gain stories
male weight gain stories

Triple H is one of the topmost wrestlers in WWE championship wrestling. He is one of the strongest wrestlers in the WWE industry, so Let’s be selected as the 4th male weight gain story because he also gained his weight by increasing muscle through a protein diet and he has a lot of fans and won many matches. Let’s know about his weight gain process

4th male weight gain storyTriple H
NameTriple H
Age52 years
ProfessionWWE top wrestler
Height1.93 meter
Weight116 kg
Weight gained140 kg
World awards14 times world championship
Participated wrestlingWWE
He lost weight nowYes
Six-packs or single packSix-packs
male weight gain stories

Triple H is one of the strongest wrestlers in the ’90s and his fame is still now not decreased because he has strong muscles and biceps also he won fourteen times world heavyweight championship. His muscle is a strong fit because he is often going to the gym and taking a diet. His height is 6’4 inches according to his WWE industry he is an average tall man but still, he is enough tall to fight with wrestlers. Height is not a matter because Randy Orton is one of the wrestling players in his gang but his height is only 5.7 inches but he won many matches.

Also, his body has big muscles than most but later due to his age problems, he didn’t participate in all the matches and became a judging team in the WWE industry. In that case, she gains more weight than previously, but not as so much fat. He feels a little uncomfortable seeing other players’ fitness. So he decided to lose weight fast as possible, then he did several workouts and diet fitness to make him stronger again while he is young.

After they lose weight, he decided to participate in several matches, At that time, the WWE industry was recognized again, and also he participated in the main championship and royal rumble matches and also win their several world championship matches. Finally, he won 14 world championship matches, So In this male weight gain story we have to learn that age is not a matter, we don’t give up until success. Finally, readers If you are gained weight and you want to transform at time travel back by doing small exercises like running, walking makes you fit.

Are you able to gain or lose weight as triple H? comment us.

5th male weight gain story (Goldbust):

male weight gain story
male weight gain stories

Goldust is the topmost American WWE wrestler and he is the person who won nearly 20 world championships in the WWE industry he looks more special than others because he is also painted on his body and face like batman. Let us select him as the 5th male weight gain story because he also gained weight by little but not like others. Let’s go we need more to know about goldbust.

5th male weight gain storyGoldbust
Age 52 years
ProfessionWWE and WWC wrestler
Height 1.98 meter
Weight 118 kg
Weight gained150 kg
World awards20 times world championship awards
Participated wrestlingWWE and WWC
He lost weight nowYes
Six-packs or single packsSix-packs
male weight gain stories
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He is also one of the famous wrestlers at the time of the ’90s but still, his fame is not decreased and he also won 20 world championships that are not easy to make it but he is an awesome and powerful guy by his mental and mental that wise he won more matches. His weight in an early stage is normal only but due to his wanting to become more strong, he gains so much weight nearly about 50 kgs.

After that, he won so many matches because he easily controlled and tackled their opposite players. So he gained much weight means not at like a fat man, but he gained so much weight by building his muscle strength through taking high protein diets and he performed great in his gym, so he becomes a physically strong guy in that stage. According to his profession, his looks make him more confident and comfortable.

He follows so many workouts and diets to gain weight. It makes good success in his journey. But later he wants to feel uncomfortable because of his health or not. so he wants to lose weight. It is also easy to make him lose weight because of his confidence and his physical workout. Daily exercise is a must to lose or gain muscle strength constantly. So If you want to lose or gain weight. Follow these three steps

  • Be beleif yourself
  • Be consistant
  • Daily workout
  • Burn calories through doing cardio
  • Follow a good health diet
  • Avoid junk foods.

6th male weight gain story (Bubba ray dudley):

male weight gain story
male weight gain stories

Bubba ray Dudley is one of the famous team players in the WWE industry because he has awarded with his colleague “A great team in WWE” and he won many matches with his team his weight is nearly 280 pounds because of his unbalanced diet and then how he was lost his weight means, Let’s we see in this 6th male weight gain stories.

6th male weight gain storyBubba ray Dudley
NameBubba ray Dudley
Age 50 Years
Profession1American WWE/WWF Wrestler
Height191 meter
Weight117 Kg
Weight gained127 Kg
World awards23 time Tag world championship
Participated WrestlingWWE, WWC, WWF
He lost weight nowYes
Six-packs or Single packsSix-packs
male weight gain stories

He is an American wrestler and he was very strong at a young age because he follows exercise and diet started at an early age, So he become very strong day by day and also eat high protein foods but his body does not look like a giant at the same time he looks more fit not fat. After joining the WWE he concentrate more on his body because he sees a lot of big giants in front of the ring

So he decided to become strong not individually but created a group of tag team. Then the team won nearly 23 world tag team world championship awards. So his team were become more strong and got many awards. But later, he put some weight because he didn’t maintain his diet properly, and also due to his common age problems he gained some height. But not more weight gain.

Due to his weight gain, he becomes more fit again because he increased his stamina and muscle mass. So little weight only gained not a major difference. Also, he lost weight by following his secret method. That is not a big secret method man just drinks a gallon of water because he drinks more galloons of water to lose weight. Drinking water not only helps to lose weight but also helps by hydrating your skin and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. So If you want to lose weight quick drink water before food and after exercise.

7th male weight gain story (Sting):

male weight gain stories
male weight gain stories

Sting is one of the top wrestling players in the period of ’90s in the wrestling industry. He is one of the strongest wrestlers in the WCW wrestling industry. Further, he joined the WWE industry and there also become a king in the ring. His fighting technique is unique, He also gained weight in a certain period of time, so we selected it as the 7th male weight gain story. Let’s see more about him.

7th male weight gain storySting
Age62 years
ProfessionWCW, WWE Wrestler
Height 1.88 meter
Weight113 kg
Weight gained130 kg
World awards10 times world awards in WWC
Participated WrestlingWWC, WWE
He lost weight nowYes
Six-packs or Single packsSix-packs
male weight gain stories

He is one of the strong wrestlers in the WWC and WWE industry, But he only won the world title in the WCW industry because he experienced the WWE industry at a later time after their WCW wrestling. During boxing, he has maintained his weight very fit by doing her regular gymnastic exercises. His weight is 113 kg at the time but due to his age, he put some weight on his body.

In that old period, he had a total of 25 championships because his physic is powerful but suddenly he increased weight due to this age, so he can’t maintain his weight perfectly. He lost some regular exercise certain period but he followed his diet as before ever. Without doing regular exercise he gain some fat, so he gained nearly 20 kg by weight gained. But not more pounds although he looks the same as before,

So he wants to have old physic again therefore he doing his regular exercise again and becomes fit by following high protein food with high aerobic exercise. Finally, he loses weight according to his aim. Now he is 62 years old but he become so fit. Therefore If you want to gain weight must be on a diet way. Don’t eat mainly fried items and high-fat foods. Follow a diet with exercise by gaining or losing weight.

8th male weight gain story (Matt hardly):

male weight gain story
male weight gain stories

Matt hardly is the hard difficult wrestling player, because his name presents Matt hardly. Just for fun. Let’s Matt hardly is the good wrestling player in the WWE industry. Matt hardly is often called hardly. So I also call Hardly now. Hardly is a good tag team player and he won many matches in the WWE industry. He gained his weight suddenly but not more like a big fat. So we selected Matt hardly is the 8th male weight gain story. Let’s see how his weight gained.

8th male weight gain storyMatt hardly
NameMatt hardly
Age 47 years
ProfessionAEW, WWE, TNA Wrestler
Height1.88 meter
Weight107 Kg
Weight gained120 Kg
World awardsThree times world championship
Participated wrestlingWWE, ECW, TNA, AEW
He lost weight nowYes
Six packs-Single packsSix-packs
male weight gain stories

He is one of the top wrestlers in the early ’20s period and he won his own 3 times championship. His own brother Jeff rose is supporting much for him. Matt hardly and his brother with his team won so many tag team matches. He has 20 years of experience in WWE and recently is changed his boxing platform to AEW wrestling in 2020. According to him, he like WWE is very much but he also wants to continue his carrier on different platforms.

His age is now 47 years. In the early days, he was very lean and but he was strong and quite tall in that WWE industry. But later he gained some weight as 120 Kg by increasing his muscle growth and taking a lot of protein supplements to improve his muscle growth. He extended his gym time suddenly and he increase a natural and artificial protein diet daily. Mainly take low-calorie food at breakfast.

According to him, his aim is not to gain weight. His aim is become increase his stamina and strength more than his young age. So he improve his muscle and gained a decent weight. But after it is not so much comfortable for him, Finally he lost a small amount of weight as 107 Kg. After reducing his weight, he is so much more comfortable. His weight loss strategy is the same as weight gain. Therefore he weights gained and lost more confidence. Be confident to do anything in life. Comment me If you want to lose weight or gain weight.

9th male weight gain story (Chris Jericho):

male weight gain stories

Chris Jericho is a multitalented person because he is a Singer, Writer, and mainly WWE wrestler. He is the more famous wrestling player in the early ’90s period. His value is huge because he is more famous at that time and also he gained so many social media fans. In a certain period of time, he gained huge weight. So he was selected as the 9th male weight gain story. Let’s see about him.

9th male weight gain storyChris Jericho
NameChris Jericho
Age51 Years
ProfessionActor, Singer, WWE/WWF wrestler
Height1.83 meter
Weight102 Kg
Weight gained112 Kg
World Awards6 times World championship
Participated WrestlingWWE/WWF AND WCW
He lost weight nowYes
Six-packs or Single packsSix-packs
male weight gain stories

He is the most famous singer and he had sung so many songs in the early ’90s. At the same time, he become a great boxer because he had a heavily muscled body and he was also most interested in boxing and trained in WCW early. In WCW Wrestling he won many matches but he wants more recognization in the wrestling industry. So later he get more trained at the gym and increased his fitness by gaining weight. So he Joined the WWE Wrestling industry.

During changing wrestling Platforms, he gained some weight through a heavy diet and daily intensive workout. Finally, he gained some weight by building muscles. After joined in WWE wrestling he won six world awards and he become more and more famous than before. In his carrier, he achieved greatly by increasing muscle mass. So after he joined the WWE network he try to increase her muscle mass regularly. So he gained again 10 Kg.

Now his age is 52 Years but still, he become fit and strong because he follow his diet with exercise till now. So his current weight is 102 Kg he loses some weight due to his age. As by learning with Chris Jericho If we want to gain weight means, We want like to improve our weight but not as obese. To fix a certain level with a perfect diet to follow regularly for both weight gain and weight loss. Another important thing I forget about Chris Jericho is he does several Yoga asanas which are also helped him to lose weight.

Yoga for weight loss: Yes yoga is much more powerful than any exercise because it not only keeps you fit but also keeps your mind free from health problems. Do yoga asanas with exercise, there are several yoga asanas for weight gain and weight loss.

10th male weight gain story (Jake Roberts):

male weight gain stories
male weight gain stories

Jake Roberts is one of the oldest wrestling players in this story and in the WWE wrestling industry. He has the most famous player in the period of the ’80 s and at the time he has very bold and strong but later in the ’20s, he become weak due to his age, and also he gained more weight. So this male weight gain story will be more interested than the before story. Let’s see about him.

10th male weight gain storyJake Roberts
Name Jake Roberts
Age 66 Years
ProfessionWWE wrestler
Height1.96 meter
Weight 113 Kg
Weight gained130 Kg
World awardsNo world awards
Participated wrestlingWCW, WWE
He lost weight nowYes
Six-packs or Single packsSix-packs
male weight gain stories

He is the best player in the WWE wrestling industry due to some reasons he stopped his wrestling carrier because he was concentrating more on movie actors. So he won only some small matches in the WWE industry but he didn’t win any World championship awards in the WWE industry and in the cinematic industry he got some awards but he missed his chance by concentrating on both the industry.

At the time of the ’80s, his name was very famous like other popular Wrestling players. He Performs well in the WWE industry but doesn’t have enough time to manage it. So he also got some weight gain problems due to an unbalanced diet. Also, he did yoga regularly to make his body fit but he missed his diet. Sometimes his work has finished at late night, so he takes some drinks and sleeps. By doing these continuously he converted into a fit to fat. So he didn’t concentrate well on the wrestling matches.

After that he don’t give up, he participated in all the matches whether he won or lost, and started some gymnastic exercises with the taken protein diet. He mostly likes to eat more nuts, so follows his breakfast mostly at night, and also he decreased the amount of drinking. Finally, he lost his weight by doing these all and now he is retired from the WWE industry but still, his life is running through my content. So don’t give up on anything until you achieve it.

11th male weight gain story (Edge):

male weight gain stories
male weight gain stories

Edge is the most famous WWE Wrestling player in the WWE wrestling industry. He won many world-level championship matches and he is the second topmost world wrestling champion because he won a total of 31 world championship awards. According to him he becomes fitter and has powerful arms and also he gained weight in this story. So we selected the Eleventh male weight gain story. He is the lucky charm because he is the last male weight gain person in our blog. So we tell about interesting. Let’s see more about him.

11th male weight gain storyEdge
Name Edge
Age 48 years
ProfessionWWE Wrestler
Height 1.98 meter
Weight109 Kg
Weight gained115 Kg
World awards31 World championship awards
Participated WrestlingWWE
He lost weight nowYes
Six-packs or Single packsSix-packs
male weight gain story

Edge is one of the most famous wrestlers in the world because he won 31 world championship awards and he is one of the topmost players in the WWE wrestling industry. He also won many tag team matches. Recently in a short period of time, he build his muscle stronger than before. So he gained some weight. He is one of the fittest males in the WWE industry because since at his age 18 he started his workout but still, now he daily follows his workout routine.

His hobby is mostly in gym workouts, that wise his body is so strong. I’m also a big fan of Edge, so writing about him become happier for me. So edge covered his fans all over the world. His regular match is more interesting by watching all over the world and follows around big fans. He takes a protein diet regularly like eggs and meats. So he builds up his muscle easily and his body also accepts goods in the way.

Finally, he gained weight and he become a current weight gain male recently. He gained weight from 109 Kg to 115 Kg. That look doesn’t he gained weight. I also said we also don’t want to think about weight gain, instead of thinking about how to increase our muscle because when you want to increase muscle only you take protein-rich foods. So take eggs, meat in your daily diet and also take perfect protein supplements to increase protein.

At last, this is our last male weight gain story, So If you read all these male weight stories. Thank you so much and please comment on these stories.

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Final thoughts of the male weight gain stories:

What’s about these male weight gain story?

These male weight gain stories just take it as a good story and also the table database is a real detail of the male which is in our story. They all have different stories but the common thing is diet failure and the loss of exercise.

Major Reasons for Weight gain?

Diet failure and Loss of exercise are the two major reasons to cause weight gain.

Solution: Follow a healthy diet with daily do some aerobic exercise for 1/2 an hour it’s enough to keep you fit and promote weight loss.

What is the perfect diet plan?

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Did you like our male weight gain stories?

Yes, or No, tell me in the comments. Let’s have a happy ending.

Final quotes:

If you want to weight gain or weight loss, both have not so much difficulty, follow a good diet and protein plans by increasing your muscle. The result is maybe you are also one day in the WWE wrestling industry. Be believe yourself from anything on you than others message. Until losing weight or gaining weight read our blog. Bye!